Janice Newell Bissex RD & Liz Weiss RD – Meal Makeover Moms

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Publish date : March 8, 2015
Address 101 Buchanan Rd, Naval Academy, MD 21402, USA
Dietitian Listing Description Meal Makeover Moms - Janice and Liz are the authors of The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers Book. This book tackles what’s wrong with today’s all-American diet and offers realistic and delicious ways to improve it. The recipes on this website offer a glimpse into the kinds of dishes you’ll find in the book. In addition, each month, the authors choose a recipe submitted by one of the free Moms’ Club members and give it a healthy makeover! It’s that simple. The site also has other useful tips for busy moms. Located in Melrose, MA.
Phone No 781-665-0098
Email moms@mealmakeovermoms.com
Website http://www.mealmakeovermoms.com